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Designed to enable members to make more money, we offer workshops on presentation skills, referrals, networking, building relationships and growing your sales team.

All new members are required to attend the Members Success Programme within 6 weeks of joining to help them become better members more quickly to make more money. 

Success in BNI for everyone can be achieved quicker and faster by attending our many varied workshops.  As training is the cornerstone to building referrals quickly its about trust, reputation and skills, every month we host these sessions for members. Don't delay in booking if your new or seasoned!

February 2017

Day Date    Time   Title   Location
Thursday 9th February   4pm until 7pm   Referral Skills   Bury
Friday 10th February   6.30am until 9am   BNI Connect Training   Bolton
Wednesday 15th February   4pm until 7pm   Visitors Generate more Business   Sale
Wednesday 22nd February   4pm until 7pm   Member Success Program    Bolton

March 2017

Day Date    Time   Title   Location
Tuesday 7th March   10am until 2pm   How to take your BNI Income to the NEXT LEVEL   M20 2WG
Tuesday 14th March   4pm until 7pm   Presentation Skills   Northenden 
Monday 27th March   9.30am until 12.30pm   Member Success Program    City Centre

April 2017

May 2017

Day Date    Time   Title   Location
Thursday 4th May   4pm until 7pm   Member Success Program   TBC
Monday 22nd May   9.30am until 12.30pm   Referral's Masterclass   City Centre